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We deliver the Best Quality of Chemical Free Mushrooms, Mushroom Spawn and Mushroom Value added Products at very Competitive Prices.
Quality of our Products and Customer Satisfaction is our Motto.

who we are

Tarunya’s international is a registered company which was established in September 2004 as Sangene Biotech a Contract Research and training Laboratory by Dr.Prasad.M.Pa microbiologist with over 20 years of experience in Industry, Academics and R&D. We have over 15 years of experience in Mushroom production. Our Core Business area includes Mushroom, Mushroom Spawn production, R&D and sales. We have an established R&D laboratory and Production unit with advanced Instruments and Trained, Qualified Personnel for research on various substrates for Spawn and Mushroom production.

We have established a highly advanced Spawn production unit of 1 Ton/per day capacity. We produce high Quality spawn which is free of contamination and highly consistent. The Spawn is pre tested in our own R&D facility for its high yield and purity before it is sold to the customers. We have an excellent reputation as a reliable supplier of fresh mushroom products of an even and impeccable quality. We also Supply Mother Culture, Mother Spawn, Mushroom Ready to Fruit Bags and Mushroom Hobby Kits.

Our Production is in strict Hygienic condition and monitored round the clock by trained personnel. We also offer Commercial scale Mushroom Lab / Mushroom production design / Mushroom and Spawn Production guidance and training courses to Farmers, Entrepreneur’s, Students and other Interested Individuals and Groups.


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