Ready To Fruit Bags (RTF’s)

We supply Ready to Fruit Bags (RTF’s) for individual Restaurants, Individuals, Apartments etc. Farmers and Growers who are unable to establish pasteurization units for bag production but have infrastructure for mushroom production can also avail this product in bulk and grow the mushroom and consume it or sell it to the end costumer. The bags can be booked in advance which will be supplied on weekly basis with different inoculation dates for continuous harvesting of the mushrooms.

These are pre pasteurised substrate bags which are inoculated with high yielding non contaminated spawn of the desired Mushroom species and grown in controlled conditions. The spawn is allowed to run completely and just before the Pin Heads (Primordia) appear, it is supplied to the customer. The bags are to be placed away from sunlight. The Customer need to just open the PP bag or cut slits in the bag on appearance of the pin heads and spray water on the bags 3-4 times a day until the mushrooms are ready for harvesting. 

………Ready to cook fresh mushrooms on your Kitchen shelf.